Steeber Solutions Brands

A company cannot be great without great employees. Finding qualified individuals that will be a long-term part of your business can be difficult and time-consuming. We offer applicant sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding.

We provide education and guidance in the world of blockchain and web3. If you are looking to evolve your technology into the new paradigm, we can help.

Learn & Love Local

The LLL brand is part of a movement to support local businesses and talents. This could mean eating at local establishments, purchasing your home decor from local artists, or attending community events.

Our Projects

Encointer - Green Bay

Encointer is a digital currency technology that allows communities to create their locale's own currency as a form of universal basic income. The protocol uses "Proof of Personhood" (PoP), "Proof of Location" (PoL), and demurrage to ensure that only local residents can mint tokens and that those tokens get utilized in a timely manner. Participants attend Encointer ceremonies to prove their personhood and location to mint the locale's digital currency through a process of mutual attesting.

Steeber Solutions is working with Encointer to bring this revolutionary technology to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our goal is to create a grassroots movement with local businesses to empower the citizens of Green Bay.


RMRK DAO ("decentralized autonomous organization") is an polling extension to the RMRK 2.0.0 NFT standard on the Kusama network. This extension allows NFT collection issuers to poll their holders in a way that verifies their NFT ownership, ensuring that only NFT holders are the ones voting on polls. This open source standard gives the RMRK 2.0.0 ecosystem a voice and empowers collections to operate as DAOs in the truest sense of the term.