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Our Web3 Solutions

Helping individuals and businesses enter the new technological paradigm


"Boomer Brain Busting"

Confused about crypto? Know a little but not sure where to start? Know a lot and need help understanding an unfamiliar ecosystem? We can help. Whether you're setting up your first BTC wallet or wanting to mint a highly complicated NFT collection, Steeber Solutions can help guide your way into the world of Web 3.

Disclaimer: we do not offer financial consulting, only technical consulting.

NFT Building

"Funky, but not fungible"

Do you want to launch your own NFT collection but don't know where to start? Do you manage a successful NFT collection but aren't sure how to evolve? Whether you have no idea how NFTs work or you're looking to integrate new NFT technologies, Steeber Solutions can help you build and evolve.

dApp Development

"There isn't a dApp for that... yet"

Do you believe in web3 technologies and want to start integrating them into your developments? Steeber Solutions can help you understand whether your applications could benefit from blockchain integration. We can also onboard conventional developers into the web3 paradigm, allowing your tech department to stay relevant.

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