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An oasis of trust in a world striving for trustlessness.

Cryptocurrency Escrow

"Better than CEX - Defying DEFI"

Don't have an account on a centralized exchange (CEX)? Don't know how to use decentralized finance (DEFI)? Want to stay under the radar? No problem! Steeber Solutions can facilitate any token-to-token barter between any two parties as a trusted third party. Privacy ensured.


"Boomer Brain Busting"

Confused about crypto? Know a little but not sure where to start? Know a lot and need help understanding an unfamiliar ecosystem? We can help. Whether you're setting up your first BTC wallet or wanting to mint a highly complicated NFT collection, Steeber Solutions can help guide your way into the world of Web 3.

NFT Brokerage

"Funky, but not fungible"

Familiar with cryptocurrency but don't know how to use NFT marketplaces? Are you not sure where to find successful NFT collections? Steeber Solutions can buy and/or sell NFTs on your behalf. Whether you're flipping or collecting, we can find and purchase just the right NFT for you.

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Strike a Bargain

Private ✓
Personal customer support ✓
No KYC ✓
Completely customizable trades ✓

Let us know what you want to offload and what you wish to acquire. We will try to find a match for the trade you need.

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