Recruitment & Retention Services

Our goal is to make your life easier by tailoring our process to your needs. No matter what your recruitment needs are, we have you covered. If you aren't sure what you need or where to begin, we can work with your team to figure it out.


Our team of professionals will work with your team at the capacity you need. We will efficiently and effectively find top candidates that meet your specific needs. You can choose any number of recruiting services that we offer: job posting writing/ editing; candidate sourcing; candidate screening; candidate interviews; offer extensions; onboarding support.

RECRUITING ASSISTANT PLAN- This plan includes sourcing and screening applicants. We will schedule qualified applicants for interviews with your designated recruiter/ hiring manager. This plan has an annual fee of $1000, plus $50 per scheduled interview. 

EXECUTIVE RECRUITER PLAN- This plan includes sourcing and screening applicants and assisting with the onboarding process for new hires. This plan has an initiation fee of $1000, plus 10% new hire salary (5% paid at hire, 5% paid at 6 months).

A LA CARTE PLAN- This plan includes whichever options you currently need: resume sourcing ($10), screen scheduling ($10), phone screens ($25), interview scheduling ($10), interviewing ($40), offer extensions ($10), rejection notices ($5), references ($20), and/ or onboarding (price varies). This plan includes a $100 monthly service fee.


Do you know why your employees first chose to work with your company? Do you know why they choose to stay? These questions can be key to retaining your staff. We offer surveys for new hires at different stages of their onboarding, training, and employment. We also offer exit interviews for staff that do ultimately leave. 

Enjoying whom you work with and whom you work for is very important to most employees. We currently offer programs (3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year) that are designed specifically for your company. During our initial meeting, we will create a timeline plan based on the company size and industry. We then will get to know your team to see where the successes and struggles are in terms of team dynamics. We use this information to design a team development plan which might include activities, seminars, coaching, and accountability.


RECRUITMENT We will learn your current process through observation, discussions with your team, and reviewing any current documents you are utilizing. We will work with you to develop the best process for your company. We will develop this plan with you by making suggestions based on our experience, staffing trends, and results analysis.

RETENTION We will meet with your managerial team to gauge the current situation and where you would like to see your staff longevity and retention. We will then survey staff to collect data on any trends in the company that might be affecting staff morale and/or loyalty to the company. You will be given our observations, analysis, suggested plans, and the option to have us aid in executing the plan.