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Contract Verification

We work with people from all around the world and we often sign our agreements electronically. Unfortunately, electronic signatures can be forged or disavowed with ease. We are dedicated to giving our clients and contractors the assurance that our electronic agreements are 100% verifiable.

As such, Steeber Solutions has adopted a process of cryptographically signing contracts using our identity-verified Kusama account.

Reference ID & Signature

The reference ID is a random string of characters used in the verification process. Each contract signed by Steeber Solutions on or after the date of November 23rd, 2022 has a unique reference ID in the footer of the document.

The signature hash is a string of numbers and letters derived by the official Steeber Solutions Kusama wallet cryptographically signing the reference ID of a given contract.


To verify a contract signature, simply go to the Polkadot JS App "Sign and verify" page under the "Developer" tab. Select "Verify signature" and provide:

  • The Steeber Solutions Kusama wallet address

    • GoStbrvU2yXDXLJMC2qHkvuy6aqHk1wLLAufht83d5ESURM

  • The contract reference ID

  • The signature hash

If the signature hash is valid, you will see a green checkmark verifying that the Steeber Solutions Kusama wallet cryptographically signed the reference ID.

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