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Kayla Steeber


Not only am I a business woman and entrepreneur, but I am a wife and mother. My family is my motivation to run a  business that is built on honest and transparent communication; ethical and fair practices; and loyalty to all clients.

Adam Steeber


I obtained a bachelor of science degree in economics from the University of Minnesota including applied experience in data analytics. I have proficiency in R programming and excel along with exceptional writing and communication skills. Additionally I have over 5 years of sales experience paired with an exemplary customer service and satisfaction track record spanning 10 years.

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast I have been familiar with blockchain technology since 2016 but it wasn't until Q1 of 2021 when I dove head first into the finer complexity of Web 3.

Despite my epic beard, I'm not as intimidating as I look. I am a caring father and a loving husband. I have a passion for music and I enjoy the outdoors, beer, culinary arts and fine whiskey.


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Steeber Solutions accepts GBD as a form of payment for any and all invoices, up to 10% of the total due.

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