Steeber Solutions

Consulting in business, cryptocurrency, recruiting, and marketing.

Management of social media, marketing, and business projects.

Training and certification in Standard Precautions.


Kayla Steeber

I started working in marketing and recruiting in 2013, and developed a passion for both! I decided to utilize my academic background in communications and professional experience in marketing, recruiting, and business to create a business.

Not only am I a business woman and entrepreneur, but I am a wife and mother. My family is my motivation to run a  business that is built on honest and transparent communication; ethical and fair practices; and loyalty to all clients.


Adam Steeber

I have studied many cryptocurrency ecosystems like Chainlink, Tezos, TRON, Civic, Polkadot, and Kusama. I operate a Kusama validator node and I am very active within that ecosystem. 

I may not have all of the answers right away but I can almost guarantee that I am able to find them through rigorous research. I am not swayed by crypto lingo and I have a remarkable ability to comprehend these abstract concepts.


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